Top 7 Ways To Interrupt Interruptions At Work

Do you hate to be interrupted, when at work? I do. So, what can you do about it?

Well, here are 7 ways to overcome interruptions.

  1. First, just relax! Get the environment in shape and be at ease with yourself. The right chair, correct lighting, comforting posture are all very important.
  2. Instant messenger is a boon but only if you put the right people on list. So, be discrete about whom you add.
  3. Keep your personal number switched off and only check for messages, that too, during the lunchtime.
  4. Teach your colleagues to find answers to their problems themselves. And, stop entertaining repeat offenders.
  5. Look for pattern of interruptions and see what you can do to break them.
  6. Filter your emails. Read the important ones only.
  7. Those latest gizmos, that you flash at your colleagues… can be left at home. You better do away with that latest i-Pod!

And, remember that what you give to others comes back to you. So, better respect the attention of other people and do not interrupt them. They will in turn know when not to disturb you!

Additional 3 tips

  1. Deactivate all your email notifications and other communication mechanisms. But, let people know how to reach you in case of an emergency.
  2. Decide on a free timeslot during the day. Let people know that they can reach you during this time every day. Work on something light during this free hour.
  3. A comfy chair lying beside your work station is a curse. Get it removed so that no other distracted soul comes to sit in it and hamper your work.

Now, what are you waiting for… get going.