9 Reasons Why You Must Wake Up Early

Early to bed, early to rise; makes a child healthy, wealthy and wise! That is an age-old saying. Its true for an adult too!

All this is not just a saying; it has backing of facts behind it. Look at what all you can do with just one extra hour in morning!

  1. Improve yourself. You can work on your communication skills or read some self-help books. There is no one to disturb you in the morning.
  2. Exercise. I frequently exercise in the mornings and it feels so fresh the whole day.
  3. Plan for your day ahead. Take command and plan the day ahead, rather than “THE DAY” commanding your plan.
  4. Comfortable morning hours. You do not need to rush things and have ample time to complete your daily…hmm… “TASK”.
  5. Solve problems. Morning time is best to think. You have higher chances of finding solutions to complex problems.
  6. Enjoy nature. Go out for a walk or have tea under open sky. Be close to nature and you would feel so peaceful! I love it!!!
  7. Meditate. Reconnect with yourself and the almighty. It will sharpen your brain too!
  8. If you are unable to cope with things, this is the best time to get hold of your problems. Start working on one thing at a time and in a week or two you will no longer find coping with thing a problem.
  9. Leave the traffic behind. Start early for your work if you have to travel far and beat the traffic jams. Most people do not get it. Your boss always notices your timely arrival. Those who reach on/before time get rewarded the most when promotion time is around.

Good morning! 🙂

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