8 Resume Mistakes You Must Avoid

People fail to impress prospective employers with their resume. Make sure you are not one of them and follow the 8 ‘Don’ts’:

  1. Don’t use a cheesy email account to send your resume. Any resume coming from email IDs like Popeye123 or getmeifyoucan007 have all the chances of landing up in spam and not the inbox.
  2. Don’t give reason for why you wish to leave your current employment. But, be prepared to answer it during the interview.
  3. Don’t use fancy fonts please! You are looking for a job!! Don’t participate in a fancy dress competition.
  4. Don’t use jargon and terms of a technical nature. Any terminology pertaining to your current job may or may not be understood by your prospective interviewer.
  5. Don’t lie! A past employment that that never existed or a hobby you know nothing about has no place in your CV. Many employers do background checks these days.
  6. Don’t use your friends as references. It is easy to find them on your facebook friend list. 🙁
  7. Send your CV as an email attachment as well as paste the text directly in to the mail. Make it easy for the company to read it first and save it if they want.
  8. Don’t forget to remove the futile info from your CV. Hobby is one; I as interviewer never understood how being a soccer fan helps one to be a better candidate.

Anything that’s not required need not be there. Simple!


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