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  • Ways to Say Thank You for Your Client’s Business

    Sometimes you run out of imagination. For those times, here is a list of ideas on how and why you contact your clients. These are best suited to appreciate business from your clients … “Thank You”. How To Contact? You should contact clients using different media, to make things look natural. This increases the effectiveness […]

  • How To Properly Craft Your “Thank You”

    Last time I mentioned how to REALLY Thank your clients. This time I’ll cover what should your thank you message be? Many people ask me, what they should say in their thank you note or call. To compound the problem, there will be repeat clients. You just can’t send them the same note again and […]

  • 9 Reasons Why You Must Wake Up Early

    Early to bed, early to rise; makes a child healthy, wealthy and wise! That is an age-old saying. Its true for an adult too! All this is not just a saying; it has backing of facts behind it. Look at what all you can do with just one extra hour in morning! Improve yourself. You […]

  • 20 Tips to Wise Life

    One day your life will flash before your eyes. To make sure it’s worth watching, live it wisely. Forgive your enemies and let them keep busy thinking about how did it happen! Meanness is the virtue of mean and not you. The guy in the mirror is the biggest troublemaker you have in life. Sometimes […]

  • What you can do to ensure success in this life time?

    There is no single explanation of success. Despite the fact that everyone has their own definition, the path to achieve it is more or less the same. #1 Thing to do: Read, read and then read some more. Yes!! It doesn’t matter if you want to succeed in sports, business, inner self or whatever. The […]

  • Choice of Troubled Waters

    Starting today I’ll send one tip each week to get you started with whatever you want. These tips will help you gather positive attitude and get things done. This week’s tip: Choice of Troubled Waters It goes back to 2000 winters, when I my family had some business issues. We were talking to everyone to […]