Ways to Say Thank You for Your Client’s Business

Sometimes you run out of imagination. For those times, here is a list of ideas on how and why you contact your clients. These are best suited to appreciate business from your clients … “Thank You”.

How To Contact?

You should contact clients using different media, to make things look natural. This increases the effectiveness of your offers and promotions.

Phone call – While it is not the best choice, this is the easiest option. Just pick your phone and call your clients to thank them.
Postal Mail – It is most sincere form of client contact.
E-Mail – Everyone has an email and they check it quite often. Let your message be read by your clients when they are comfortable and don’t want to be intruded.
Personal visit – A personal visit is second to none. It gives you opportunity to sell at the same time.

Why you contact?

There has to be a reason for client contact and you can’t just say, “I contacted you to promote my products.” The reason for contact should arouse interest in the clients.

Greeting card – You can send season’s greetings and wish them on their birthdays.
Post card – Not many people use postcards. You can stand out and send some nice postcards.
Gifts with Company logo – Gifts that clients can use help them remember you whenever they use your gift.
Flowers – If your clients consist of women then this is your best bet.
Gift basket – Depending on your margins, you can use gift baskets to appreciate the business.
Event tickets – They can be used if you run some kind of contests.
Discount on next purchase or service call – By using this technique, you not only show appreciation but get future business too.

These are just a few of the ways you can use to contact your clients. You can add them to your arsenal.

Make sure you don’t repeat the same media too often. Customize and personalize the messages too. That will go a long way.

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