How To Properly Craft Your “Thank You”

Last time I mentioned how to REALLY Thank your clients.

This time I’ll cover what should your thank you message be?

Many people ask me, what they should say in their thank you note or call. To compound the problem, there will be repeat clients. You just can’t send them the same note again and again. Here is the solution.

First, you must customize and personalize your thank you message. Like add the name of your client and mention the order they placed.

Second, you should write down some thank you message templates. This is one time process and should only take 30 minutes of yours. Here is a small list to get you started: (it took me just 10 minutes)

1. Mr.____, Thanks for the opportunity to work with you. We appreciate your business and your professional approach.
2. Thank you for your business. Have a wonderful day.
3. I want to thank you for your business. I would like to invite you to visit us again for your clothing needs. If you need any assistance, please call us.
4. Mr.___ Thank you. I hope you enjoyed your black cotton trouser. You looked amazing in that. We are always there to serve your clothing requirements.

Short and simple is the norm.

Next, If you have tons of clients, you can use printed notes… but if you have that many clients can’t you just hire someone to write it for you (by hand)? Hand written notes will beat printed notes by a big margin… every time.

Please note that if you send out your thank you notes once a week and you have a client who shops more than thrice in the same week. Don’t send three notes or calls at once. You don’t want an angry client. Instead, you can mention all three purchases in the same thank you note or call. They will love the care with which you remember them for all those three purchases.

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