Do you “Thank” your clients for their business?

Not many businesses think of “Thanking” their clients for their purchase. It doesn’t matter which industry you represent, I have not seen even 1% salespersons “Thanking” their clients for the business given by them. Now, about 73% salespersons will not even say “thank you” after the sale, when client is in front of them.

So how do you “Thank” a client?

Well to start with, say “Thank You” as soon as someone does you a favor. Since, sale is a bigger favor it needs bigger “Thank you”. What can you do… you can send them something after the purchase is made and delivered. Like a hand written note, that thanks them for the business.

Have you ever received such a note? Or for that matter has anyone ever called you back after 3 days of your purchase of a Television to ask if things are good. I never receive thank you calls/notes from most people I do business with. Well I did not send them either… till some time back.

Can you see the potential!! No one does it… Really! No one. If you do it, your clients will appreciate it. You will stand out in the crowd and your clients will prefer you to thousands of others.

Most top sales people around the world acknowledge the power of real thank you and use it wisely to connect with the clients.

Here are some examples of when and whom you should send “Thank You” to.

  • When you get an order. This one is obvious.
  • When you get a referral.
  • When you get an order from referral, send thank you to the person who referred the client in first place.
  • When your vendors and suppliers do a great job. They are the backbone of your service/products.
  • To your family members. Just try it out. They will love it.
  • To your colleagues, whenever they help you. Again, you need their support too.
  • When you buy personal stuff and get outstanding service, send thank to the salesperson or the company. They will always remember you and make it a point that you get the same quality of service all the time.

The list can go on and on.. But, if you follow even three of them then you will be a highly sought after sales person.

It can also be used to scout new business. I’ll discuss that some other time.

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