20 Tips to Wise Life

One day your life will flash before your eyes. To make sure it’s worth watching, live it wisely.

  1. Forgive your enemies and let them keep busy thinking about how did it happen!
  2. Meanness is the virtue of mean and not you.
  3. The guy in the mirror is the biggest troublemaker you have in life.
  4. Sometimes you catch what you want. Other times you get caught! It’s all part of the game called life.
  5. To get a secret out is easier then to stuff it back in.
  6. Don’t interfere into something that does not bother you.
  7. You may be a lion in your house but not everywhere. Use your influence only where it works.
  8. To be in the right place at the right time is very important to get the desired results.
  9. Don’t judge people by their relatives.
  10. There are sometimes when silence has the loudest voice. Know when to keep quiet.
  11. Don’t worry about things that are not going to happen anyway!
  12. Don’t panic when in troubled waters.
  13. Watch your company.
  14. Think thrice before you speak. A cruel word cannot be unsaid.
  15. No path that you choose in life will be a bed of roses. Stay realistic.
  16. Experience leads to correct judgment. Learn from your experiences.
  17. Grudges against anybody are just too heavy to carry. Drop them on the way!
  18. Be black sheep amongst the white. Don’t follow the herd but lead them.
  19. Bankers and lawyers are better kept at a distance.
  20. Live simple. Ultimately complications are what we create ourselves.

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