Getting Referrals – In Disguise

I must say, referral marketing is among the most under used marketing media. Yes, it is a media… You get a chance to find new customer for free here.

And to top that people do not fully exploit it either.

Here is a simple trick to boost your referrals… Ask for suggestions not referrals.

I have two examples for you:

If you are an insurance agent, ask, “Do you know anybody who should get life insurance?

Or a dentist can ask, “Do you have someone in family who can use a free consultation?

See it is that simple.

This is a sales approach called “Suggestive Selling”, used in conjunction with “Referral Marketing” makes it a double barrel gun.

Just note how we are not asking for referrals, but for people who might need something. When you ask for referrals, your clients back off, as they do not want to trouble their relatives and friends with intruding sales calls.

Here you ask them for the same referral, but they are actually helping their family or friend by informing them of something that might be helpful.

I have one more example that uses this trick to the fullest:

If physiotherapists want referrals, they can ask, “Do you know someone who has knee pain?

They are just enquiring and bam they get a lead. Combine that with an offer of a free session and you have a client.

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