Close To Naked Ladies

Have you noticed ladies from around the world almost baring it all. Miss Universe and Miss World- two such global events are not even spared when it comes to exposing it all. Bigg Boss, Indian version of Big Brother, was termed “vulgar” and the government even banned it. If you check out latest magazines, the case is no different. The covers are filled with nearly naked ladies. How about Annual limited (read nude) edition calendars.

All this started a century back mainly with beauty pageants, where they had a reason to shoot nearly naked women.

But why am I telling you all this? See, I wanted your attention and got the same just by talking about nudity. Well many people don’t get it. Both men and women take a note of public nudity. You can find many successful actresses, who have bared it all and are admired by both the sexes.

Recently, many celebs were caught semi-nude in public or there were wardrobe malfunctions on ramps. The common excuse is that it was not intentional. Well, I don’t buy that. Why such things don’t happen to top stars? Why the ones caught on camera are the ones with no job? You know the answer.

Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not in favor of nudity. But as a marketer, I must acknowledge the fact that it gets attention of your prospects. Use this tool wisely and you will have all the attention you need.

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