Client Attention – Is That All You Need?

Have you ever thought of climbing a pole and sit there for a couple of days? It will grab attention.

I got a mail last week. It was labeled “PRIVATE” by XY Realtors. I opened it and found a simple letter that promoted their services. Ha. Do you think they got any benefit out of it? Not from me… and not from any sensible man/woman.

In this age of cutthroat competition, businesspersons are following each other blindly. You get a mail labeled “PRIVATE”, you like the idea, you copy it. No one cares to understand the sequence that the mail was part of, the message in the mail, or the reason why it hit the right chord with you. You like it, so it will be on your next mailing. Then you say mailing doesn’t work for your industry.

This is not limited to mailings. The same happens with newspaper ads or television commercials. Even seasoned pros make the same mistakes.

Getting prospect’s attention is not easy. It needs calibrated effort. At the same point, that attention should be relevant to your line of business to convert it into sales. Most close to good campaigns grab you, make you laugh, stir discussions within peer group, but you don’t recall their relation with the product.

You should get attention that leads to interest in what you sell. Like, Clowns can get a lot of attention for a children clothing or toy store. Awesome celebs are hired by Jewelry stores. Top stars in good shape can get attention for a fitness chain.

The recipe to sales is simple. You must first get attention of the prospect, then build trust with them and now make the sale.

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