Choice of Troubled Waters

Starting today I’ll send one tip each week to get you started with whatever you want. These tips will help you gather positive attitude and get things done.

This week’s tip:

Choice of Troubled Waters

It goes back to 2000 winters, when I my family had some business issues. We were talking to everyone to get a few ideas as to what we could do and where we could invest.

At that time we had no option but to continue with what we were doing. Soon I felt compelled to help my family and start working. I was very young and had no specializations.

I was fond of computer and decided to start my first site. After 3-4 months of planning I got my site up and running in November 2001. Later things improved and my help was not needed.

Today I can look back and say I made right choice. But the truth is I didn’t do it. Yes I did nothing. I had limited resources and had no option but to get things working.

I did what I thought could make money. Rest all happened by itself.

It has been widely accepted that our best comes when we are in trouble.

When you want to get best of yourself, you can try to think as if there is no option but to do your best. Think that you only have 60 days to meet your needs. Just think of the worst that could ever happen.

It can make a big difference in how you see things. Many times you will do things which you always wanted to do, but didn’t start it due to lack of time.

You will be astonished by the results you achieve.

There is one more answer which many people take… “I QUIT” They are coward. If you choose that get off my list now. I don’t want many people. Less is better.